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Tax Mitigation and other Investment Opportunities by IREXA Financial Services

We build tax-efficient wealth strategies that may reduce your overall tax liability. We will discuss with you your goals, principles and an array of investment vehicles. Then, construct a strategic plan using your preferred investments.



We work together with you and your Tax-Advisor, CPA, EA, Attorney and/or Real Estate Broker in 4 key areas:

  • Mitigate taxes on ordinary income.
  • Mitigate taxes on investment income.
  • Defer taxes on certain asset sales, including real estate.
  • Achieve tax-free retirement income.

How We Do It

  • Identify your goals and review past tax liability.
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation, portfolio, and life insurance.
  • Collaborate with your tax advisor to explore all tax-saving avenues.
  • Build a strategy for maximum tax savings.
  • Implement your personalized strategy.
  • Review and refine long-term strategies.

Financial Services and Wealth Strategies